David Lloyd

m: +61 413 636 535
e: dlloyddoc@gmail.com


Nationality:       Australian      

Date of birth:    14 September 1952

Qualifications:  MVA(Research) - QCA, Griffith University,

Bachelor of Education, (UQ); Dip Teach (CAE); ADA (GU)

Employment History

1980-         Photo Documentist

2000-16     Senior Lecturer, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

2009-14     Deputy Director:  (Learning & Teaching) Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

2000-11     Executive Editor, The Australian PhotoJournalist

1996-96     Commissioned by World Health Organisation (Euro Office) to document Health 

                   care issues in the states of the Former USSR

1994-94     Commissioned by History Section of Australia Defense Forces to accompany

                   the first rotation of troops into Rwanda after the cessation of the genocidal slaughter

1991-99     Lecturer, QCA, Griffith University

1988-90     Senior Instructor, QCA TAFE

1980-87     Instructor QCA TAFE

Research Projects

(2019 - 2022) “Get a Little Dirt on your Hands” Documenting bespoke farming and commercial practices on the Blackall Range.

(2016 - current) “Consecrated Sites”: Documenting sites that have become sacred through an act or acts of injustice.

(2015 - current) “Looking for Doreen Lambert”: Research leave to undertake an investigation into the ongoing legacy from the murder of a young girl in a Qld seaside town in 1964. 

(2008 - 2009) “Never Again”: Received research leave to undertake an in-field trip and document the impact of the 1994 Genocide on contemporary Rwanda society. This resulted in a three-month in-field trip to Rwanda documenting the ongoing legacy from the Rwanda Genocide.

(2005 - 2007) “Interpreting the Trace”: Received an Australia Council Grant to document the effects of Australia’s involvement in the Rwanda Crises ten years on. This was a two-month in-field trip capturing the ongoing effects of Australian’s involvement in the Rwanda Crisis.

(2005 - 2007) Received a Griffith University Researchers’ Grant to look at “Quality of Life” indicators for ageing Italo-Australians - a cross-disciplinary project (anthropology and documentary)

(2002 - 2006) “We’re talking…anyone listening?”: Project working with solvent abuse in the Mount Isa region. The project entailed working with indigenous youth, indigenous adults subject to alcohol abuse and non-government organisations. 

(2004 - 2005) Public Art commission for NW Community Health Centre with Queensland Health. The commission was a twelve-month undertaking documenting notions of ‘wellness’ in a north-western community in Brisbane.

(2000 - 2001) Griffith University Community Enhancement Grant to (photo) document the "Family of Logan" and the structure of spaces within which the community inhabits. This project was completed over 6 months and was a collaboration between Blakely, Lloyd, the Logan Art Gallery and Griffith University.

(2000) Received State Government Funding (Special Initiative Grant) to publish book “Passing Time”; 1998 Project with a Brisbane Hospital, documentary on latter C20th palliative & hospice care. This two-year project was completed in collaboration with Mt Olivet Community Service.

(Dec 1997 - Jan 1998) Art residency in Manila in co-operation with World Vision, Philippines and the Australian Embassy. This project involved a one-month in-field excursion in the Philippines and sought to capture the different spaces occupied by the privileged and the impoverished. 

(Nov 1996 - June1997) Working in co-operation with the World Health Organisation photo documenting health care issues in the former USSR to create a "snapshot" View of World Health in the latter part of the 20th Century. The project involved a six months attachment to the European Office, WHO.

(1995) Photodocumenting social issues in Cherbourg - an aboriginal community formerly used by the State Government as a dumping ground for "troublesome"indigenous people.

(Dec 1994 - Jan 1995) Consultant: History Section of the Australian Army documenting UNAMIR II in Rwanda. Blakely and Lloyd were commissioned by the History Section of the Australian Army to go with the first rotation of troops sent to Rwanda immediately after the 100 days of slaughter had ceased.

(June - August 1993) Field trip to the former Yugoslavia photographing crisis situations in Bosnia (specificallySarajevo). Folios presented to CARE Australia and ICRC.

(Dec 1992 - Jan 1993) Field trip to Somalia photographing crisis situations. Folios presented to CARE Australia and ICRC.

Research Grants

(2015) New Colombo Plan: Funding to lead 20students to Goa, India working with The One School documenting the political,the aesthetic and the cultural

(2013) New Colombo Plan: Funding to lead 20students to Bangladesh documenting aspects of the political, the aesthetic andthe cultural

(2008) Learning and Teaching Grant - Plugging Into The World: Expanding the Work Integrated Learning Space of the 30CPSpecialisation ‘Publication and Editorship’. Lloyd, D, Hill, A, Bridger, E,Faulkner, H, Blakely, A & Cleveland, P. $10,900 Griffith University

(2006) Community Partnership Grant - “We’re talking…anyone listening” Lloyd, D &Blakely, A $20,000 Griffith University

(2005) Griffith University Researchers Grant - “Picturing Quality of Life” Goopy, S(Project Leader, Chief Investigator) Lloyd, D (Chief Investigator) $11,000Griffith University

(2004) Interpreting the Trace: Rwanda 10yrs on” Blakely, A Lloyd, D  $20,000 Australia Council

(2000) Griffith University Community Enhancement Grant Lloyd, D, Blakely, A & Bowron, J$15,000 Griffith University

(1999) Special Projects Grant - Photojournalism: Safeguarding The New Millennium Bridger,E & Lloyd, D $5,000 Griffith University

(1999) Special Initiative Grant  Lloyd, D $17,000Arts Queensland

(1998) Flexible Learning Grant - to write subjects (Introduction to Sociology and PhotoTheory) for web delivery Lloyd, D $4,000 Griffith University

(1998) Special Project Grant to travel to Beijing China to participate in the launch ofMAVA in photography

(1996) Health Care Issues in the Former USSR - "Images that Speak" Lloyd, D& Blakely, A $20,000 (estimated with in-kind contribution) World Health Organisation

(1995) The Rwanda Mission" Lloyd, D & Blakely, A  $30,000 ($11,000 + in-kind contribution) History Section, Australian Defence Forces

Publications through exhibitions

Lloyd, D (8/2022) "There Was A Time" in Persona, Curated by Henri van Noordenburg in QCA Galleries, Griffith University, Brisbane

Lloyd, D (10 – 26 9/2015) “ Anzacs” in Cast bythe Sun Philadelphia, Curated by Professors Byron Wolfe and Jay Younger inThe International Project Space, Crane Arts, Philadelphia

Lloyd, D (08/2015) “Consecrated Ground” in Castby the Sun curated by Professor Jay Younger in The Brisbane POP Gallery,Brisbane.

Lloyd, D (9/2015) Callous Disregard: TheUnimaginable Plight of Sentient Creatures. White Canvas Gallery, Brisbane

Lloyd, D (9/2015) No Access: Mining in NorthernQueensland. White Canvas Gallery, Brisbane

Blakely, A & Lloyd, D. (2015) In The Eye ofThe Beholder. White Canvas Gallery, Brisbane

Lloyd, D (08/2015) “Growing Pains in a small seaside town” in On This Site curated by Kelly Hussey Smith. The Hold Gallery,Brisbane

Lloyd, D (2014) Margaret Was My Mother WhiteCanvas Gallery, Brisbane Qld

Blakely, A & Lloyd, D (2013) Never AgainArt Space MacKay, MacKay Qld

Blakely, A & Lloyd, D (2012) “Heard” in Shared Vision, travellingexhibition - Poland: Galeria Zajezdnia - Maria Cuie-Sklodowska Iniversity, Lublin (Jan); Galeria Kobro - Academy of Fine Arts, Lodz (Mar); Galeria Sanocka- BWA, Sanocka (Apr); Studio Marmalada, Warsaw (May)

Blakely, A & Lloyd, D (03-04/2012) “I met a man”,FotoFreo: Artsource, Fremantle WA

Blakely, A & Lloyd, D (03-04/2012) “Tears” in New Economy, FotoFreo: FreerangeGallery, Perth WA. This exhibition was curated by Dr Catherine Gomersall.

Blakely, A & Lloyd, D (09-11/2011) Blakely & Lloyd: Social DocumentaryPhotography 1993 – 2011, The Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane. This was asurvey exhibition curated by Louise Rollman.

Blakely, A & Lloyd D (08/2011) “Giving Voice” in Australian Felix, Crane ArtsCentre, Philadelphia. This exhibition was curated by Ross Woodrow

Blakely, A & Lloyd D (08-11/2011) “Tears” in The Art of Photography Show,Lyceum theatre Gallery, San Diego. Work selected from over 1000 internationalsubmissions.

Blakely, A & Lloyd, D (2010) Never Again: Giving Voice to the Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide.The Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane.  This exhibition included 20 new works.

Blakely, A, & Lloyd, D (2010) Never Again: Giving Voice to the Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide.Carnegie Gallery, Hobart. 

Goopy, S, Lloyd, D & Blakely, A (2008/09) My Home My History Brisbane MajorFestivals/Brisbane Square Library, Brisbane. This exhibition toured to NorthernRivers Community Gallery, Ballina (08/2010); Creative Arts Gallery, Gunnedah (09-10/2010);Gallery Hinchinbrook, Ingham (06/2010); Texas Regional Art Gallery (01/2010);Burdekin Theatre, Ayr (11/ 2009); CRACA Tully (10/2009); Stanthorpe RegionalGallery (07/2009); Tanks Arts Centre, Edge Hill (06/2009); The AustralianCatholic University (02/2009)

Blakely, A & Lloyd, D (02/2009) “I met a man” in New Skin: Contemporary QueenslandPhoto-media. Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane.

Lloyd, D & Blakely, A (10/2007) We’re Talking…anyone listening? Carnegie Gallery, Hobart

Lloyd, D & Blakely, A (06/2007) KidSpeak: We’re talking…anyone listening? The AustralianCentre for Photography, Sydney

Goopy, S, Lloyd, D & Blakely, A (07/2007) My Home My History, BrisbanePowerhouse, Brisbane

Lloyd D, & Blakely, A (10/2006) KidSpeak, Mount Isa Civic Centre, Mount Isa

Lloyd D & Blakely, A (09/2006) We’re talking…anyone listening? Logan Art Gallery, LoganCity

Lloyd, D (2005) “Natasha” in Head On, Michael Nagy Fine Art, Woollahra

Lloyd, D (2004) PassingTime CEMA Arts Centre, Portland Victoria

Lloyd, D (2004) “Medical Spaces” in Leica Documentary Photography Award Photo TechnicaExhibition Space, Sydney

Lloyd, D, (2003) “Medical Spaces” in Leica/CCP Documentary Photography Award.The Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne - this exhibition hascontinued to tour throughout Australia. Exhibition sites include: Museum of theRiverina (2004) Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery(2004) Muswellbrook Regional ArtGallery(2004) Hervey Bay(26/01-26/02/2005) Regional Gallery, Bundaberg(2005)Logan City Gallery(24/05–25/06/2005) Mildura Arts Centre(07/07–21/08/2005)Horsham Regional Art Gallery(2005) Shepparton Art Gallery(2006) Gippsland ArtGallery(2006) La Trobe Regional Gallery

Lloyd, D (2000) Hospiceand Palliative Care, Gallery 482, Brisbane

Lloyd, D (2000) Passing Time Logan Art Gallery,Logan

Lloyd, D & Blakely, A (2000) “About Us” in The Star Shines Bright LoganArt Gallery, Logan City

Lloyd, D (1998) ThroughMy Eyes, The World Of Another. Smith + Stoneley Gallery, Brisbane

Lloyd, D & Blakely, A. Images that Speak World Health Organisation, Denmark

Lloyd, D & Blakely, A (1995) The Rwanda Mission, Military Museum of Tasmania, Hobart.

Lloyd, D (1998) “The Scar” in Staff Works Central Academy of Fine Arts, BeijingUniversity, China

Lloyd, D & Blakely, A (1998) “Dividing thePopulation: Manila” in HeliotropismGallery 482, Brisbane

Lloyd, D (1995) “The Patriot” in Brisbane-Hanoi Exchange Exhibition Hanoi University of FineArts, Vietnam

Lloyd, D & Blakely, A (1995) Rwanda Mission The Military Museum of Tasmania: Hobart

Lloyd, D (1993) “Here and There: Australia and SomaliaCompared” in Borders of the MindNoosa Gallery, Noosa.

Edited Books and Journals

Edited Journals

“UnsustainableCruelty” in The Australian PhotoJournalist, Lloyd, D (ed) 2012 Vol 17 No 1
ISBN 987-1-921760-18-1, ISSN 1323-9007 OctiviumPress, Brisbane

“Epilogue” in The Australian PhotoJournalist, Lloyd D(ed) 2011 Vol 16 No 1
ISBN 987-1-921760-18-1, ISSN 1323-9007 OctiviumPress, Brisbane

“Silent Screems” in The Australian PhotoJournalist,Lloyd, D (ed) 2010 Vol 15 No 1,
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“Picturing HumanRights” in TheAustralian PhotoJournalist, Lloyd, D (ed) 2008 Vol 14 No 1, ISSN 1323-9007

“Tell my Story” in The AustralianPhotoJournalist, Lloyd, D (ed) 2007 Vol 13 No 1, ISSN 1323-9007

“Taking Back theNews” in TheAustralian PhotoJournalist, Lloyd, D (ed) 2006 Vol 12 No 1,
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“ChallengingPress” in TheAustralian PhotoJournalist, Lloyd, D (ed) 2002 Vol. 8 No 1,
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“Intent in Doubt:Methods and Motivations” in The Australian PhotoJournalist, Lloyd, D (ed) 2001 Vol. 7 No 1, ISSN 1323-9007

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“What is GoodJournalism?” inThe Australian PhotoJournalist, Lloyd, D (ed) 1999 Vol. 5 No 2, ISSN 1323-9007


Lloyd, D (2000) Passing Time, Storytellers, Brisbane

Fry, Gavin (1995) Rwanda: The Australian Contingent 1994-95,The Directorate of Publishing Defence, Canberra

Book Chapter

Blakely,A & Lloyd, D (2008) “We’re talking…anyone listening” in The AustralianPhotoJournalist: Picturing Human Rights Vol 14 No 1 Brisbane: QCAGU ISSN 1323-9007

Refereed Articles

Blakely, A& Lloyd, D (2021) “Photojournalism and Documentary Practice: When SometimesWe Turn Away” in Social Alternatives Vol 40 No. 20 pp 3-34 University ofSunshine Coast.

Blakely, A & Lloyd, D (2009)“Justice Denied” in Australian and New Zealand Communication AssociationConference: Communication, Creativity and Global Citizenship (paper receivedReferee’s Choice Award for best paper submitted)

Goopy, S & Lloyd,D (2006), "Documenting the Human Condition in Everyday Culture: Findinga Partnership between Ethnography and Photo-Documentary", inInternational Journal of the Humanities, vol.3, 5, pp33-37, Common Ground,Melbourne

Artist Talks, Guest Lectures and Conferences

(07/15)Understanding Alfred Elliott, Museumof Brisbane; (11/2011) The Story So Far,Museum of Brisbane; (10/2011) Rwanda,Museum of Brisbane; (09/2011) On MountIsa, Museum of Brisbane; (08/2011) GivingVoice Through Documentary Photography, Museum of Brisbane & Universityof Qld & Griffith University. (07/2010) Makinga Difference, at Head On, Sydney. (02/2010) Blakely, A. & Lloyd D. Never Again, University of Tasmania,post-graduate seminar. (11/2009) DocumentaryPractice and Social Justice, International on-line symposium that included1000 registrations from 91 countries. (07/2009) Blakely, A. & Lloyd, D. Justice Denied in “ANZCA: Communication,Creativity and Global Citizenship”. (04/2009) Blakely, A. & Lloyd, D. ShortStories: Loosening the boundaries of Our Moral Community, in “CreativeCommunities, Sustainable Solutions to Social Inclusion”, Gold Coast. (02/2009) Blakely, A. & Lloyd D. On Documentary Practice, in “Hair of theDog” (AIPP) Brisbane. (7/2007) Justice Denied in “Indigenous Biography and AutobiographyConference”, Canberra. (7/2007) We’re talking…anyone listening? ArtistTalk, ACP, Sydney. (9/2006) On DocumentaryPractice in “Visual Turn: Celebrating 85 Years of Journalism”, Universityof Queensland. (2006) Visual Research Post Graduate seminar,Faculty of Built Environment, QUT. (2006) DegreesSouth, Powerhouse, Brisbane. (2006) We’retalking…anyone listening? Artist Talk, Logan Gallery. (2005) Visual Research, Post Graduate Seminar,Faculty of Built Environment, QUT. (2005) PicturingQuality of Life: visual research in action at “Third InternationalConference of New Directions in Humanities”, University of Cambridge, New Hall,UK. (2005) Picturing Quality of Lifeat “Sites of Cosmopolitanism Conference”. (2005) Invited speaker at PICA (PhotoImaging Council of Australia) – Photo Imaging World. (2005) Medical Spaces, Artist Talk at HerveyBay Regional Gallery. (2005) LeicaDocumentary Prize, Artist Talk at Logan City Gallery. (1999) Reportage: A Celebration of AustralianPhotojournalism - Sydney Photojournalism: Fact or Fiction in the NewMillennium - Brisbane. (1999) OnDocumentary, Artist Talk at Philippine University. (1998) Photojournalism, Artist's Talk atCentral Academy of Fine Art, Beijing University. (1998) Social Documentary, Visual Arts Research Discourse Series, PostGraduate and Research, QUT. (1998)Documenting Crises, Lunch Box Lecture Series, QCA (1997) Artists and their Work: City HallLecture Series, Brisbane City Hall. (1997) StoryTelling with a Camera, National Conference by the AustralianPhotojournalists Association, QCA. (1997) TheDocumentist and Crises - Post Graduate Lecture Series, QCAGU.

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